We’re always looking for exceptional individuals to join us on our mission to help people see more.

Our culture is built on rewarding hard work, creative thinking, coordinated team efforts, free speech and open exchange of ideas. We’re here to make a product for the ages and we have just one rule: everyone fights, no one quits.

Want to join the squad? Keep an eye out for open positions in the near future.

Meet the Fuller Vision team

Nebojša Šabović

Co-founder and CTO
Ex Palm, Google, Linkedin

Reed Foster

Co-founder and CEO
Repeat startup founder

Miroslav Milović

Product design lead

Tamara Panić

Product design and user experience

Dušan Grujić PhD

Electrical engineering lead

Vladimir Vojvodić

Operations lead

Tijana Apostolović

Senior software engineer

Bojana Stupar

HR lead

Nikola Drndarević

Electrical engineer

Sanja Mihajlović

Software engineer

Nedeljko Tica

Product designer

Jason W. Dimmig MD

Ophthalmologist, Bend Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology Partner

Thomas Steineke MD PhD

Chairman, JFK Neuroscience Institute
Medical partner

Blake Caplan

Operations advisor

Savo Stanković

Owner of Hi-Tech PCBA
Electronic manufacturing partner

Goran Ignjatić

Owner of POL Optics
Lens laboratory partner

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