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Restoring sharp focus at all distances.

They work completely automatically, just like your eyes used to when you were in your 20’s and 30’s. They offer a fully focused lens, ensuring maximum eye comfort when performing even the most delicate tasks.

Best of all: your hands will always be free. This means you’ll never have to break your flow to put on a different pair of glasses again. With Autofocals, one pair is all you’ll ever need.

Autofocals® bring:

The first solution for advanced presbyopia

Autofocals enable people over the age of 60 to work with the same tempo as they could in their 30’s and 40’s.

Our patented technology uses structured light, machine learning and AI for biometric scanning, proprietary lens optimization software that considers 100x more parameters than the state of the art, and ultrasonic linear actuated Alvarez lenses to perfectly mimic the way a young human eye focuses naturally.

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Work as efficiently as ever.

Never miss a detail.

Autofocals are made for anyone who wants to fix presbyopia and restore focus to their everyday activities. They’re the ultimate solution for people whose job requires them to actively change eye focus between objects near and far.

Here’s just a couple of examples:


  • Engineers

    If you’re soldering and assembling delicate electrical components, Autofocals enable you to seamlessly focus your eyes and employ both hands while working.

  • Dentists/Surgeons

    Using medical equipment mandates maximum concentration. With Autofocals, doctors wielding surgical instruments, drills, scalers and probes enjoy laser-sharp focus to help them heal and repair tissue without injuring the patient.

  • Jewelers

    Keep both your vision and your hands fully focused on your craft as you harness decades of experience to produce rings and necklaces, fit precious gemstones and shape noble metals into memorable pieces of jewelry.

  • Painters/Artists

    Painting, drawing and illustrating requires constant focus shifts between your palette and tools to the canvas and your model. Autofocals ensure superior comfort and maximum clarity while you create.

We want the people who need our product the most to be the first ones to get it.

Autofocals cost $6000. Pre-order now and we’ll match every dollar you commit, up to $3000.
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